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SHENZHEN YANGXING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (short for "YXC"), founded in July 1986, is a professional crystal oscillator manufacturer with abundant industrial experience. YXC has passed the ISO9001 Enterprise Quality Management System test with its self-owned brand--YXC. Environmental documents were approved by legal departments. There exists a great demand of YXC products home and abroad. At present, YXC, as the franchised distributor of Japan's SEIKO EPSON and SITIME in USA, has met various demands from clients worldwide.YXC possesses the advanced testing equipments and experienced selling groups. Its main products are as follows: Programmable crystals, Quartz Oscillator, Resonators, Clock Crystals, Ceramic resonator, SAW filter, etc. Products are widely applied to various frequency control devices and others like: Clocks and watches, security, network cameras, digital products, car digital, MID tablet computer, network communication, base station, and photoelectric technology.
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