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Product Type: Terminals-Rectangular Connectors
Description: CONN HEADER FMAL 14PS .1" DL TIN
Brand Official Website: www.sullinscorp.com
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How to complete an order in ICZOOM?

Register/login → search for a specific model → add to shopping cart / buy directly → fill in order confirmation form → submit order → wait for pending order approval → download contract → stamp and upload the contract → pay → cargo delivered→ delivery complete → apply for invoice


How do you guarantee that all the products are authentic?

ICZOOM has a professional sourcing department that conducts strict inspections on the qualifications of the sellers (manufacturers or authorized agents). Sellers are not allowed to upload any products until they have passed our tests.


Is the displayed number of products, price, and other information accurate?

All information is provided by the sellers. We do require the sellers to update products’ information in time but it is their responsibility to keep the information precise and up-to-date. If you have any doubt, please get in touch with our customer service team after placing an order to make sure that everything is correct.


Does ICZOOM support BOM enquiry?

Yes. ICZOOM provides one-stop service for BOM enquiry. You can do a batch inquiry by uploading your BOM in the “Members Center”—“Inquiry” section after you register/login. As an alternative, you can turn to one-to-one customer service.


How long will it take to start shipping after placing an order? How long will it take to get the products I order?

We arrange shipping immediately after we receive the payment. The estimated time of arrival can be found in the products’ contract. However, please note that the time of arrival is affected by many factors such as the time of receipt of payment, the storage warehouse, the place of delivery, and third-party logistics services. Please get in touch with our customer service team to select the most suitable method of delivery for you.


How to check the status of my order?

You can see the real-time status of your order in the “Purchase Order Processing” section which shows the contract, delivery status, finance, invoice, and other information. If you have any questions about the time of delivery, please call 400-693-8369 or leave a message for our online customer service team.


Does ICZOOM provide a contract for each order?

Yes. After an order is approved, buyers can download the contract in the “Members Center”—“Purchase Order Processing” section and upload stamped contracts there. It’s an official contract that has full legal force binding the two parties of the contract.


How to get an invoice from ICZOOM?

ICZOOM provides an invoice (invoice/VAT invoice) for each order. Please make sure that the invoice information is correct in the “Members Information”—“Invoicing” section. We will issue the invoice after we receive the income invoice. Thank you for your patience in advance for any delay caused by the tax regulations.