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NIS5820 Electronic Fuse (eFuse)

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Original Title:NIS5820 Electronic Fuse (eFuse)

  ON Semiconductor's eFuse is a cost-effective, resettable fuse with 8 A to 12 A continuous current options


The NIS5820 series eFuse from ON Semiconductor is a cost-effective, resettable fuse that can greatly enhance the reliability of a hard drive or another circuit from both catastrophic and shutdown failures. It is designed to buffer the load device from excessive input voltages that can damage sensitive circuits. It includes an overvoltage clamp circuit that limits the output voltage during transients but does not shut the unit down, thereby allowing the load circuit to continue its operation.


  Adjustable overcurrent protection

  Overvoltage and undervoltage protection

  Reverse current protection

  Adjustable output slew rate

  Current sense (IMON)

  Fault report

  Thermal shutdown for self-protection

  Low RDS(ON)

  Low quiescent current

  High continuous current driving capability

  Tri-state EN/FLT pin


  Auxiliary overcurrent protection and SATA power on a backplane

  SATA power hot-plug and overcurrent protection for HDD/SSD

  Power supply overcurrent protection

  Hot-plug fans for servers

  Overcurrent protection for industrial power supplies, motor control

  Industrial grade protected relays

NIS5820 Electronic Fuse (eFuse)

NIS5820MT1TXG12V EFUSE3000 - 立即发货


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