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Stereo audio chips leverage Bluetooth V4.2

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Microchip’s IS206X family of audio SoC devices and modules is qualified for Bluetooth V4.2 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) links. Intended for high-end speakers, headsets, and sound bars, the flash-based platform allows audio manufacturers to incorporate wireless connectivity in streaming music and voice-command applications.

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A 32-bit DSP core provides the framework to develop sophisticated algorithms for advanced audio and voice processing, while 24-bit digital audio support delivers high-resolution audio to consumers for a rich listening experience. The combination of Bluetooth Low Energy and A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) enables smartphone-to-speaker communication via a mobile app, along with creative control features such as pairing, remote control, and real-time audio-effect adjustments.

The IS206X family comprises several offerings, allowing customers to tailor their wireless needs. For designs that require a turnkey solution for fast time-to-market, customers can choose a shielded or unshielded Class 1 or Class 2 module. All modules are fully certified with the following regulatory bodies: United States (FCC) and Canada (IC), European Economic Area (CE), Korea (KCC), Taiwan (NCC) and Japan (MIC).

The IS2062 stereo audio chip comes in a 7×7-mm LGA package, while the IS2063 and IS2064 audio chips come in 8×8-mm LGA packages. The BM62, BM63, and BM64 modules furnish a complete wireless solution with Bluetooth stack, integrated antenna, and worldwide radio certifications in a compact surface-mount package.


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